The girl behind the lense

With a background in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, opportunities for creative expression were rather difficult to come by in my field. However, it was a passion for sustainable tourism and interest in sharing stories that lead to the creation of Life with Leez in early 2021. The blog and Instagram page grew relatively quickly and along with that came an increasing demand for my writing, photography and videography skills to expand.


I had always had a keen interest in photography. My mum handed me my first camera when I was merely 10 years old and always gave me the freedom to explore and encouragement to capture special memories. Apart from a few courses at school, it wasn't up until 2020 that I first started mastering manual photography. The development of this skill and the growing demands for blog content coincided harmoniously with my first few trips to the bushveld. After an initial few visits, I was hooked. I found an indescribable sense of peace and contentment from spending time in nature. And with that grew a deep desire to capture those magical moments forever on camera.


Fast forward multiple life-enriching experiences later, and I am left with a relatively small but dearly valued collection of photographs as postcards from my travels. Capturing them brought me such joy and having them in my home has been a way of reliving those soul-soothing moments every day. So why not share them with those who can appreciate them too?