Our Favourites: One Stop Fun Spots

These are perfect for date nights, birthday celebrations, family days out or a good general choice for anyone who's tired of the eat, shop, sleep weekend cycle.

Adventure Golf

I have recently made peace with the fact that, no matter how many attempts on Alex's part, I will never be much of a golfer... Introducing golf's shorter, more cheerful and novice friendly counterpart - Adventure Golf. And no, we're not talking your grandma's version of dingy put put holes at the back end of a parking lot. I'm talking a proper adventure course fully equiped with mini waterfalls and hidden tunnels. This is a super fun way to get out of the house and challenge on another to a few games on Sunday Funday.

Fourways Mall

- Check out the website here.

- Check out the location here.


- Check out the website here.

- Check out the location here.


- Check out the website here.

- Check out the location here.

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Quiz Night 

Anyone close to me knows that our friendship circle attends quiz night religiously. Not because we are particularly good but just because by a Wednesday night you need to fake a Friday to get through the rest of the week. Somehow we've racked up a couple dozen Grey Goose martini picks, some plastic Bacardi watches and a R1000 voucher for roof waterproofing. Now if these superior quality prizes don't have you sold yet - keep in mind that even if you're rubbish at general knowledge it's a great way to find out how much you don't know, have a laugh and remember that the weekend is not all that far away.

Our local favourite is at Social Parkwood in Rosebank

- They always have a super drinks special on the night, their service is excellent and the questions are pretty reasonable.

- Check out the website here.

- Check out the location here.

*Covid 19 Update*: Social Parkwood has since closed down unfortunately. Try out Tigers Milk in Melrose Arch as an alternative.

Or, you can search for quizzes in your area via the Quiz Night SA Website.

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Escape Rooms

I've spoken about these more extensively on a seperate blog post. Alex and I have done quite a few in different cities but our all time favourite was the paranormal themed room (Closure ) at Hashtag Escape in Norwood! We booked it for his 30th birthday and had such an amazing experience.

Our favourite is Hashtag Escape in Norwood.

- Check out the website here.

- Check out the location here.

Games Nights

Joburg is a spread out and pricy city and as such, socialising can come with a hefty price tag. We quickly learnt that if we wanted to be socialising every other night it would have to be from home. And what better way to make a night in more entertaining than hosting games night or building friendships on a budget, as I like to call it.

Lacking board games or friends to play them with? No problem! Look no further than Germiston for a hidden little gem called Timeless Board Games. Alex and I thought we had quite a collection until we arrived and realized we had met our match. This place has a phenomenal selection, from classic South African favourites to rare imports and everything in between. And to make it even better? They host regular board game parties over weekends and draw a pretty decent crowd of fun and friendly folk looking to try out some of the cool games they have on offer.

- Check out their selection here.

- Check out this page for updates on their next Board Game Party.

What are your favourite fun things to do? If you have any other suggestions or places you'd like us to try out then let us know!


Here's my full Joburg Beginners Guide: