Self Care

I wrote a bit on how to stay productive in an earlier post . Today I'm sharing my tips on how to make sure you're looking after yourself. Below I've listed the top 5 ways I'm self caring while under lock down. I hope it's helpful if you're looking for some inspo on how to look after your mental and physical well being. If you have any comments or further ideas you think I should include please share! I'd love to hear what's working for you!

I know this is tricky, especially when we’re bored and lonely but I generally feel so much better when I put a time limit on my social media hours. I find it's the mindless scrolling through Instagram, the hours spent watching at tiktok videos, and feeling like I'm 1000 years older than it's average user (I'm 23 but STILL), leaves me feeling lethargic and melancholic. I'll be honest - I’m pretty rubbish at staying off my phone but the few times I get it right it feels good!

Staying busy during the day on other tasks; cooking, reading or getting crafty helps a lot. I'm working hard to sub out mindless social media time for more mindful experiences. Rather than just scrolling and comparing I try focus on connecting, chatting to friends or getting creative by posting content that makes me happy (like this blog!)

We’ve all been there, a few late nights and early mornings for work and the sleep deprivation starts to set in. My mood usually drops, I get clumsy and forgetful and before long I struggle to finish full sentences or words. But these symptoms are still pretty mild. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt like you couldn't move or speak but you could see a figure/person/demon in your room or by your side. Just so you know - this isn't just a bad dream. This is actually a common symptom of sleep paralysis and can result from sleep deprivation or poor quality sleep. I used to get these all the time while I was at university and it's not pretty. The only solution? Improve your sleeping habits.

Short periods of poor quality sleep may be a common reality for so many in our ever more demanding world. Sleep when you're dead, right? Wrong. Get yourself some rest. 21 days in Lockdown means I have good time to to catch up on some much needed sleep. And even if you've not been deprived lately, the benefits of sleep on your mind and body are practically endless so, if you can, you should do the same.

I had a long list of recommendations of yoga channels and ideas to stay fit indoors that I wanted to share. But today my Instagram feed I was entirely saturated with “my lockdown workout routine” videos. And honestly I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by it. I won’t say more than - exercise is a phenomenal way to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

But I will remind you that you don’t have to come out of this lockdown period stronger and fitter than ever. It’s okay if your body changes because you’ve been confined to a small space and forced out of your routine. It’s okay if your peaceful yoga session doesn’t burn as many calories as the workouts you keep seeing on the gram. Having a down week or feeling unmotivated to exercise is perfectly normal. I mean, if there’s EVER been a time when anxiety is 100% understandable it’s now! All we need to remember is that, eventually, this will all be over. All we need to do is take things slow and be kind to ourselves.

Are you missing your routine and finding it challenging working from home? Spa day. Feeling anxious about the overwhelming uncertainty? Spa day. Feeling lonely? Spa day. No products in the house? No problem!

I’ve made a list with everything you need to make for an easy DIY spa day using general items you’ll have with you in the house.

  • Set the scene with this virtual fireplace and jazz soundtrack. Is there a more lux, comforting and relaxing soundtrack to a spa day?

  • Scrub a dub dub. Here are some super easy body scrubs that will have you glowing again in no time.

  • Best part of lockdown? You can walk around with a facemask all day everyday with these DIY recipes.

  • Next up? Nails.

You know those coffee catch ups with an old school friend you keep putting off until you’re back in town or both not busy? Or the person you met at a brunch and added on Insta, vowing to be friends going forward but your schedules never match up? No time like the present babes. Get a list going. Who do you miss? Who do you want to hear updates from? Reach out, make new memories, take cute selfie screenshots of your video call. We may be social distancing but now is a prime time to have closer, more genuine connections, than ever before.