My Watch List

My Netflix & Showmax recommendations for quarantine.

Whether you're feeling lonely, bored or needing to destress after a long day of trying to work from home. These are some of my must-watch shows on Netflix (or Showmax). They offer something for every mood during quarantine. Every title is a link to the show's trailer. Let me know in the comments below what you're watching at the moment!

Something serious to sink your teeth into

  1. The Stranger. I watched this just as it came out in the UK and was hooked!

  2. The Society. Rewatching this gem. Buzzing for season 2.

  3. Unorthodox.

  4. Tiger King. This one needs no introduction.

  5. The Good Fight (Showmax). Great drama - loved the loaded political references.

Sweet stories to pass the time

  1. Atypical. Wholesome.

  2. Love is a Bonus Book. One of my all time favourite South Korean shows.

  3. Derry Girls.

  4. The Circle USA. Alex and I couldn't stop laughing through this series.

  5. Sex Education.

Dive into a whole new world with these reality/docu shows

  1. Hip Hop Evolution. Everyone should watch this show.

  2. Interior Design Masters.

  3. Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Hated and knew nothing about F1 before watching & it's turned me into a die hard fan.

  4. Next in Fashion. Project runway but 1000x better. Also :look up Making the Cut.

  5. Cheer. Because we all need this motivation right now.

Easy watching or something to keep on in the background

  1. One Day at a Time. Cheerful, love the characters.

  2. On My Block.

  3. Super Store (Showmax) I found the whole concept so enjoyable.

  4. New Girl (Showmax)

  5. Insecure (Showmax). A real feel good.